Who am I? The mission begins...
Hello, my name is Edward. I have always been an animal lover and since being acquainted with and subsequently marrying a crazy cat lady I have had more cats in my life than I bargained for!

We currently have 5 rescue cats, each with their own story to tell and unfortunately not all of it happy. Lulu, our eldest, has brain damage as a result of being kicked in the head as a kitten. The others have similar stories to tell and they are all introduced with pictures in the other thread.

Dealing with anxious pets and their issues led us to seek alternative solutions to these issues and with a lot of effort we managed to find a good range of foods and supplements that we could buy in bulk at a reasonable price.

The mission is simple, to buy high quality pet food and supplements in bulk and sell them on to like-minded pet lovers at a reasonable price and with the best service and advice possible. It helps us keep our pet supplies in stock at a cheaper price and also makes us a few quid on the side! All good with that.

Feel free to browse the site and if there is anything you would like to order or anything you need to know just ask at info@petsupplementseurope.eu

We will ship to anywhere in the UK, prices include shipping. To mainland Europe please ask as it depends on the size of the order but an average postage with tracking for up to 1 kilo is £12 extra.
Hi Ed, when would you expect to be in stock?
(04-23-2019, 07:17 PM)Alexrook01@gmail.com Wrote: Hi Ed, when would you expect to be in stock?

Hello, I've sent you an email but for anyone else who's wondering, if you are looking for anxiety supplements for your pet then you need to be a registered member then you will be able to see the bottom section. Ed
My e-mails doesn't get to you edward.lambros.
(03-05-2020, 07:10 AM)Labros Wrote: My e-mails doesn't get to you edward.lambros.

Check the address? info@petsupplementseurope.eu

I haven't received anything recently.