Piper Methysticum supplements available
*** The below products are strictly available for pet use only ***

Hello, here is my current stock list. The prices include postage. To order simply let me know what you would like by email to info@petsupplementseurope.eu, I will confirm availability and price and we can arrange payment and posting. Thanks.

In instant I have...

Vanuatu Ceremonial Instant. 100g for £45, 200g for £85 or 400g for £165.

In micronised I have...

Kalm with Kava Heavy blend. 250g for £60, 500g for £115.

In medium grind I have...

Solomon's Gold, Solomon's Headhunter, Vanuatu Waka, Vanuatu Taboo, Kadavu Waka and Koro Island.

These are my regular strains that should always be in stock. 250g is £40, 500g is £75 or 1kg is £145. You can mix and match 2 x 250 for the 500g price, 2 x 500g or 2 x 250 and 1 x 500g for the kilo price.

Also I have two new kavas, both Tongan, Tongan waka and Tanaki. I am waiting for chemotype and KL% information but my cats tried the waka last night and it seems to be quite balanced to heady with a very smooth, typical Tongan taste.

In addition I often get odd shipments of different kavas which I will list below...

N@H Wow. £90 for 500g.

ROH Premium Fijian. Half a pound for £40.

ROH Hawaiian instant. £30 for 50g or £55 for 100g.

I also have some good quality strainers for £6 or larger round ones for £8.